Grievances Cell

                                       Grievance Redressal Committee

01   Dr. Ch. Kesava Reddy
  Principal   Chairman
02   Sri.J.S.S. Raju   HOD EEE   Convener
03  Dr.K.Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy   HOD CIVIL   Member
04  Dr.P.Jeevan Pradeep   HOD MBA   Member
05  Sri.K. Vijaya Kumar   HOD-ECE   Member
06  Sri.M.Jayarami Reddy   Faculty S&H   Member
07  Sri.N.Ramesh   HOD MECH   Member
08  Sri.K.Bala Showri Reddy   HOD S&H   Member
09  Mrs.B.Sujatha    Faculty S&H   Member
10  Mrs.D.Purnodaya   Faculty S&H   Member
11  Mrs.K.Sahiti   Faculty CIVIL   Member
12  Mrs.D.Sharmila Rani   Faculty MBA   Member


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Objective:  A Grievance Redressal committee has been formed in our college to settle genuine grievances of students, staff and parents up to a satisfaction level so as to create a healthy relationship among the students, parent’s employees and employer. The grievance will include any matter relating to student and staff. The committee is requested to contribute effectively to dispose the grievances at the earliest.


  • To deals with all the genuine grievances of students and staff of the college.
  • All complainants should file their grievances by writing in black and white to the committee.
  • All the grievances should be forwarded to GRC through their respective departmental Heads or Incharges.
  • The grievance Redressal committee will meet at least once in a month or as and when required to resolve the grievances.
  • To take conclusive decision by the deciding authority for removal of alleged grievances.


1) A compliant box is provided in all academic block for students.

3) All grievances referred to the Grievance Redressal committee shall be documented in a file in Principal’s Office.

4) All complaints should be resolved within a time frame by looking into its seriousness.

5) The result of the grievance will be informed to the complainant within the period defined.

6) Any staff/ student may appeal directly to the Principal/Director for resolving their grievance if he/she is dissatisfied by the GRC.