• The College provides adequate library facilities for the students and staff.
  • The library is established in over 432.21 Sqm areas with a reading hall which has a seating capacity of approximately 200 students.
  • It works from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.
  • Selected valuable books recommended by the experts in their relevant fields are available in the Reference hall.
  • The library is fully automated. The issues, returns and database of books in library are maintained using EzSchool Software.
  • Three books are issued to a student at a time for period of 15days. Five books are issued to staff.
  • The college has subscribed to various technical and non-technical magazines and also to well known journals and periodicals in the fields of Electronics, Electrical, Computers, Information Technology, Civil, and M.B.A.
  • Universal college of Engineering and Technology aims to increase library stock every Semester by allotting annual budget.

The number of books and journals

S.NO. BRANCH No. of Titles
of the books
      No. of
International National
1 CSE 657 3667 6 12
2 EEE 479 2751 3 6
3 ECE 685 3958 6 12
4 IT 433 2475 0 6
5 CIVIL 261 2212 3 6
6 ME 81 381 2 6
7 MBA 207 1405 12 12

Issue Section

The library is fully computerized with database search & cataloging and offers borrowing facilities @ 3 books/ student member for a period of 15 days and @ 5 books staff member for a period of a semester.

Reference Section

Reference Section has Handbooks, Encyclopedias, Journals & Magazines, CD-ROM and several rare books.

Journals & Magazines

Library has hordes of Indian & International Journals and Magazines in the reference section.

Open Book Bank

Apart from the stipulated Borrowers Books offered by the Library; it has started lending books through Open Book Bank facility from the year 2008. Subscription is open during admission, through nominal payment, where a student is offered 6 books relevant to the subject in each semester, which is returnable at the end of the semester


Photocopying facility of library/study material for the students is available at a nominal price.