Engineering Workshop

              The experiments in this lab is designed to impart the knowledge of different engineering concepts, methodology of finishing simple job and all other essential factors to create an awareness of various simple work. The students of all branches of Engineering will learn about concept of workmanship and supervision

English Communication Skills Lab:

The experiments in the lab aims at to improve vocabulary,communication skills of the student at first year itself.

Mechanics of solids and metallurgy Laboratory

Various experiments in the laboratory are designed such that the students can be able to test the materials to know about its mechanical &n structural properties.

Machine Tools Laboratory

The experiments in this laboratory are designed such that the student can be able to do various basic operations that can be done on various machines such as Lathe Machine, Drilling Machine, and Milling Machine

Strength of Materials Laboratory

              The experimental work involved in this laboratory should make the student understand the fundamental modes of loading of the structures and also make measurements of loads, displacements and strains. Relating these quantities, the student should be able to obtain the strength of the material and stiffness properties of structural elements.

Production Technology Laboratory

              This course aims to impart the knowledge about various manufacturing processes. It deals with metal casting, metal forming and metal joining processes. After this course, a student will have a good exposure about the manufacturing processes and various operations and machinery. This also gives the recent trends in these processes also.

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory

              Student should be able to verify the principles studied in theory by conducting the experiments flow measuring devices in pipes and open channels.

Thermal Engineering Laboratory– I

              This course is aimed at imparting the knowledge of Thermal Engineering such as operation of engines, parameters affecting the engine performance and concepts of fuels and combustion.

Metrology and Instrumentation Laboratory

              Students will be imparted the knowledge about standards of measurement, principles of calibration and the necessity of using geometrical relations to find out the different measurements of different parameters

Heat Transfer Laboratory

              This laboratory basically introduces the concepts of heat and mass transfer to the students with practical exposure.

Advanced Communication skills laboratory

This course will enable the student To gain knowledge about the basic fundamental of softwares

Simulation Laboratory

This course will enable the student

To gain knowledge about the basic fundamental of CAD.

To gain knowledge on how computers are integrated at various levels of planning and manufacturing understand computer aided planning and control and computer monitoring.

Computer Aided Engineering Drawing Practice Laboratory

To let the students familiarize about

Drafting practice using computer

Modeling of 2D and 3D parts

Assembly of modeled parts

Analysis of modeled parts

List of Major Equipments

  • Spring Testing Machine
  • Torsion Testing Machine
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Brinell’s Hardness testing machine
  • Deflection test on beams setup
  • Radial Drilling machine
  • Milling Machine
  • Venturi meter apparatus
  • Pipe friction apparatus for major loss
  • Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus
  • Cut section model of four stroke engine.
  • Twin-cylinder CI engine with Hydraulic and Eddy current dynamometer.
  • Flash point and fire point apparatus – open cup
  • Flash point and fire point apparatus – closed cup
  • Multi cylinder diesel Enginer Setup
  • Pelton wheel turbine setup