Engineering Practice Laboratory (Work shop)

              The experiments in this lab is designed to impart the knowledge of different engineering concepts, methodology of finishing simple job and all other essential factors to create an awareness of various simple work. The students of all branches of Engineering will learn about concept of workmanship and supervision

Electrical Machines Lab

              Electrical machines laboratory has two Eyes namely - AC and DC machines encompassing all types of latest AC and DC machines, generators and motors with loading arrangement, Transformers and various starters, variac, load banks also form part of the equipments.

Controls System Lab

              Control system dominates the modern way of life. This lab helps the students to know the wide applications in, aircraft control, and process industries. It is fully equipped with modern control equipments like control trainer kits with computer interface, P/PI,PID controllers, , DSO , CRO, Function generator ,closed loop control, AC &DC Servomotor, they can also simulate the linear and nonlinear systems using MATLAB with computers.

Power Electronics Lab

              Power Electronics helps the students to study the power Semi conductor devices and its applications in rectifier, inverter, chopper and resonant converter, to learn the PWM Techniques for both UPS and AC Drive applications. This lab is fully equipped with all types of modules like SCR Firing circuit module, SCR based half and fully controlled converter kit, IGBT based three phase PWM inverter module, chopper module’s based V/I commuted chopper module with firing module., CRO, Isolation Transformer, single phase Auto Transformer Meters, Mosfet Based step Up and Step Down Choppers module.

Electrical Measurement Lab

              This lab is to fortify the students with an adequate work experience in the measurement of different quantities and also helps to expertise in handling the instruments. This lab is fully equipped with measurements kits like AC Bridges, DC Bridges, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Energy meter, Autotransformer, Current Transformer, CRO, Regulated power supply.

Linear and Digital Integrated circuits Lab

              LDIC lab provides the basic design of Electronic circuits using linear and digital integrated circuits and their applications in processing of analog and digital signals. It also helps the students to learn the basic methods for the design of digital and analog circuits. It also provide the fundamental concepts used in the design of digital and analog systems.

Power System Simulation Lab

              It enables to acquire the software development skills and experience in the usage of standard packages necessary for analysis and simulation of power system required for planning operation and control.

Computers equipped with 2GB RAM, 1GHz processor, installed with AU power lab and MATLAB/Simulink.

Electrical Circuits Lab

              To provide exposure to the students with hands on experience on various basic engineering practices in Electrical and Electronics Engineering like Digital electronics, Electrical components and basic measuring are taught

Data Structures Lab

  • Have a good understanding of how several fundamental algorithm works, particularly those concern     with sorting and searching.
  • To analyze time and space efficiency of most algorithm.
  • To teach the student to write programs in C and C++ by solving of data structure algorithm.

List of Major Equipments

  • Dc shunt motor with loading arrangement
  • Single phase transformer
  • Three phase alternator coupled to DC shunt motor
  • Ac voltmeters with various ranges
  • Dc ammeters with various ranges
  • P,PI,PID control trainer kit
  • Regulated power supply
  • Three phase full bridge converter trainer
  • V/f control of three phase induction motor
  • Maxwell’s inductance –capacitance bridge
  • Phase and frequency measurement
  • Measurement of energy using energy meter.
  • IC741- Operational amplifier
  • IC566- Voltage controlled oscillator